Bethesda’s Indiana Jones is Reportedly Not an Xbox Exclusive

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Bethesda’s Indiana Jones is Reportedly Not an Xbox Exclusive

Bethesda is working on a new Indiana Jones game. The game is being handled by Wolfenstein studio, MachineGames. However, given that Bethesda is now a Microsoft-own entity, many believe that the upcoming game would naturally be an Xbox exclusive title. It seems that is actually not the case.

The news comes from Windows Central’s Jez Corden who claims to have heard from developers at MachineGames that Indiana Jones is in fact a multi-platform game.

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When speaking on the Xbox Two Podcast, Corden claims that Indiana Jones has been in development at MachineGames for a few years now. In addition, the game’s development cycle has always aimed at releasing across multiple consoles (Xbox and PlayStation).

Corden says that the only information he has ever heard from MachineGames is that Indiana Jones wasn’t an Xbox exclusive game. However, Corden followed up by mentioning that his source told him this news a long time ago. Corden says things might have changed at MachineGames since.

Microsoft announced Indiana Jones last year during a special CG trailer reveal. We haven’t seen or heard anything about the game since. The title is being developed by MachineGames in collaboration with the newly-formed Lucasfilm Games.

Executive producer at Bethesda says that Indiana Jones will tell a wholly original story and be a standalone tale set at the height of the famed adventurer’s career. It was then revealed that the original CG trailer included dozens of hints as to where the story is going in the game. With that being said, we haven’t seen anything since.

Microsoft is expected to host its Xbox + Bethesda showcase event next week. Expect a full reveal of this title during the show. As for the game’s Xbox exclusivity, we’ll have to wait and see what is in store.

Source: Xbox Two Podcast

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