Beyond Good and Evil 2 Gets Ex-Blizzard Dev as Lead Writer

"Slowly coming together"

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Ubisoft Lead Writer Blizzard Sarah Arellano
Beyond Good and Evil 2 Gets Ex-Blizzard Dev as Lead Writer

Beyond Good and Evil 2 was announced ages ago but Ubisoft remains confident in the game’s lengthy development. Some fans speculated that it might’ve been canned at one point, but recent reports indicated that it was already in external playtesting as of July. Now, Ubisoft has hired former Blizzard narrative designer Sarah Arellano to work on the project as its lead writer.

Arellano took to Twitter to confirm that she had been hired by Ubisoft to work as the lead writer on Beyond Good and Evil 2. She previously worked at Blizzard on World of Warcraft as a narrative designer.

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Beyond Good and Evil 2 was first announced way back in 2008 at a Ubisoft event, but later resurfaced at E3 2017. Ubisoft also confirmed that, despite its title, it would actually serve as a prequel to the first cult classic title.

Earlier this year, Ubisoft reassured fans that the game was still in active development, describing it as one of its most “ambitious” games yet. However, it may still be a while until we can actually play Beyond Good and Evil 2 as a report last year suggested it was targeting a 2025 release date. As such, very little footage actually exists of the game online beyond some early alpha footage and CG trailers released at previous events.

That said, hopefully Arellano’s addition to the team means that Beyond Good and Evil 2 can speed up its development. Since she had just been hired as a lead writer, it’s safe to assume that some work still needs to be done on the game’s story and script.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still without a concrete release date but it will presumably launch for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC (if it does manage to launch this generation).

Source: Sarah Arellano

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