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Big Third-Party PlayStation Exclusive Could Be Revealed in 2022

A major third-party PlayStation exclusive could potentially be revealed this year, as the company increases their promotional budget. As for what this could be, it’s anyone’s guess, though there are rumours that Sony might be trying to get exclusivity for the next BioShock game, or more likely, are planning something else with Square Enix.

As reported by Sacred Symbols PlayStation podcast after speaking to “someone in the know at Sony”, PlayStation is preparing to have one of their biggest years ever in 2022. Apart from an exclusive line-up that includes Horizon Forbidden West, God of War Ragnarok and Gran Turismo 7, the company is apparently increasing their promotional budget, and a large reason for that has to do with an unannounced third-party exclusive that could be revealed this year.

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According to the podcast, they speculate that marketing spending is seeing a major increase this year, though it’s not related to any of PlayStation’s already announced titles:

“Apparently marketing spending is increasing greatly this year, indicating that Sony is anticipating a large year beyond — I would assume — the games we know imminently most about: HorizonGran Turismo, etc.”

They go on to state that this increased budget will be due to a pretty big, yet-to-be-revealed third-party exclusive. They didn’t say any more than that, though there’s quite a bit here worth speculating over. Many believe that PlayStation have signed another deal with Square Enix to produce a new exclusive game, whose delayed announcement was reportedly due to the Final Fantasy XVI reveal. Additionally, this mystery title will not be related to Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts or Dragon Quest.

PlayStation have a seemingly healthy relationship with Square Enix right now, as they’re also releasing Forspoken this year which will be a console exclusive to PS5 (though it will launch on PC as well), while Final Fantasy XVI will remain a PS5 exclusive.

Other reports suggest that the next BioShock game could be a PS5 exclusive, and this is the big reveal that the podcast is talking about. Lesser-known rumours believe that it might have something to do with Konami – namely the Silent Hill franchise – or related to Kojima Productions, who are technically not owned by PlayStation and could still produce third-party titles. A big PlayStation State of Play event is rumoured to take place next month, so we might have to wait until then for some confirmation of this news. For now, take it with a grain of salt.

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Source: Sacred Symbols PlayStation podcast (via PlayStation Lifestyle)

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