Biohazard Village is a Shameful Resident Evil 8 Knockoff That Shouldn’t Exist

Biohazard Village Resident Evil 8 Village
Biohazard Village is a Shameful Resident Evil 8 Knockoff That Shouldn’t Exist

Someone is about to face a lawsuit. Last night, a game called Biohazard Village appeared on Steam. No, this is not the much anticipated Resident Evil 8 Village game Capcom announced back in June. While this recently-released horror game may bear a legally-confusing name, it is far from it.


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The game’s name is especially confusing given the fact Capcom calls Resident EvilBiohazard” in Japan. This means the people at Forest Games who developed Biohazard Village, are in trouble. Honestly, the developers could have called it something else and avoided an ugly legal dispute. The game is no longer listed on Steam meaning it got removed just a few hours after launch. Did Capcom have anything to do with it? That is most likely the case.

Forest Games describes Biohazard Village as a “third-person shooter” in which gamers play as a girl fighting a zombie horde. According to the description, the zombies exist due to a man-made disaster. Hmmm… Sounds like a T-Virus to me.

“People turned into zombies. There is only you, your weapon and a huge number of zombies in the post-apocalyptic village. You must win to survive.”

The game is no longer available on Steam but according to the gameplay, you are not missing much. It looks as if someone slapped it together in a few months (most likely after the June announcement) in order to rake in some money. Other than some undead enemies and a poorly-designed giant mountain that looks like the same one from the reveal trailer, there’s nothing going on here. The gameplay video below shows someone playing the game. He scurries around a black boring open area for a few minutes using his gun to make some light. He then reaches a dead end with an invisible wall. No, this is definitely not the Resident Evil 8 Village game.

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