Biomutant – Here’s What Players Will Actually Do in The Game
"Biomutant is out on 25 May"
Biomutant Release Date Experiment 101 THQ Biomutant PS5
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Biomutant is set to release on 25 May 2021 and if you have no idea what the game is about and exactly what you’ll do while playing it then this post is for you. THQ Nordic released a new Biomutant “explanation trailer” that touches on everything you will get up to while you explore the vast open world of Biomutant.

Like all RPGs, players will start Biomutant by creating a character of their liking. According to THQ, depending on your preferred stats and build will result in a different look for your cat-like rat animal. Strength makes it bulkier while intellect results in a smaller creature.


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Players will then get to choose from a range of classes that determine the overall stat distribution of their character. THQ did not go into much detail here but expect a range of classes including melee-focused, ability-tuned and others.

Character customization plays a big role in Biomutant according to THQ and the video touches on the various ways players can outfit their cat-like rat creature. This includes attaching add-ons to various pieces of armour that seem to increase defence and grant extra resistance to specific elements. Players can also modify their ranged weapons by attaching new mods to their guns including magazines, sights, muzzles and more.

THQ explains that the loot you find will come in various tiers. The same goes for attachments. These can also be upgraded to different rarities that increases the overall damage and stats bonuses.

While exploring the world of Biomutant, THQ says that players will encounter tribes run by a Sifu. Biomutant has six tribes in total. Three of which are aligned in the “good” side of the game and the other three are “bad”. THQ says that this system is called the “Aura”.

Players can also choose an allied tribe that plays a big role in how the game’s story and tribe system plays out. Your decision will determine if you help save the World Tree from the World Eaters or try and destroy the tree.

As for the combat and abilities. Biomutant includes a system called Mutations. Players will use this system to unlock skills and different powers. These range from damage-based attacks like wisps that shoot into enemies to parkour skills. An example is a mushroom that players can spawn and use to bounce their way to higher ledges. In combat, this mushroom can also bounce enemies around.

Psi Abilities can offer new combat abilities including floating around, telekinesis and an Emperor Palpatine shock attack.

When it comes to exploration, THQ hopes that players get lost in the world. The map has been designed to make players want to explore every location possible. While exploring, it seems that players can discover new quests, enemies and of course, sweet loot.

Biomutant is set to release on 25 May 2021 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Watch the trailer down below:






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