Biomutant Locks One of its Classes Behind a Pre-Order and Launch DLC
"You can either pre-order or buy it later"
Biomutant Release Date Experiment 101 THQ
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Biomutant has recently recieved a brand-new combat trailer showcasing the game’s well, combat. However, while the combat looks flashy and varies depending on the class players choose, not all players will be able to experience every class if they don’t pre-order the game.

According to the Biomutant social media pages, players who don’t pre-order the game won’t gain access to the Mercenary class. A handful of gamers reached out to the Twitter account to query the pre-order incentive in which they confirmed that the class will be available after launch.


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Keep in mind that ‘after launch” most likely means that the class is locked behind a paid DLC purchase. It is unlikely that THQ will give the class away for free given that it is a pre-order incentive. So far, this does not look good for a game that has been under the radar and missing in action for a couple of years now.

Pre-order bonuses are usually kept to cosmetic items and XP boosts. However, in this case, Biomutant wants players to not experience an entire class if they don’t pre-order the game. It locks players out of waiting for reviews to drop. Something you should definitely do these days, especially for this game.

Take a look at the latest trailer down below for Biomutant.






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