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BioShock 4 Development is Apparently Ramping Up

2K Games officially announced the next BioShock game back in 2019 but the company has been radio silent ever since. We’ve only heard rumours and speculation about the highly anticipated next title in the series. However, development on BioShock 4 is now apparently ramping up after developer 2K Cloud Chamber posted a number of new job positions specifically for the title’s production.

As reported by Eurogamer, 2K Cloud Chamber recently posted 30 open positions seeking developers to work on BioShock 4. “The BioShock team at 2K Cloud Chamber is ramping up!” said 2K Cloud Chamber senior cinematic designer Jeff Spoonhower on LinkedIn. “We have many positions open across a variety of disciplines including art, animation, engineering, design, narrative, and production. We are working on a really awesome project, and our studio is remote-friendly.”

As for potential details about BioShock 4, a report from December 2021 claimed that the game will be set in Antarctica during the 1960s, roughly around the same time as the first two games in the franchise. Other reports speculated that it might feature a sort of “upside down city” under the ice, though we recommend taking all of this information with a grain of salt until we get official confirmation from 2K Games.

Meanwhile, BioShock creator Ken Levine is also in the process of making his new game, Judas, which many have compared to BioShock since it features similar gameplay mechanics and features. It’s definitely a spiritual successor in some way. Judas currently has a vague release window as Take-Two Interactive plans to launch it before March 2025.

BioShock is set to make a resurgence in not just gaming but the silver screen too, it seems. Netflix is currently working on a live-action movie adaptation with The Hunger Games and I Am Legend director Francis Lawrence at the helm, though production has yet to commence.

Source: Eurogamer

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