BioWare Explains How Anthem’s Alliance System Will Motivate Gamers to Play as a Team
Anthem Alliance System
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The Anthem open demo is over and now we all sit in anticipation for its 22 February 2019 release date. After news broke this weekend that the game could have been a free-to-play title, we are interested to see how the end-game grind for Anthem turns out.

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BioWare is still putting a lot of emphasis on the social system of Anthem saying that the game is “best played with friends” and the social system will make it easy for players to form friendships and play together as a team.

This entire system is called the Alliance System which rewards players and their friends for playing the game. Lead Producer Ben Irving wrote one Reddit post saying;

Anytime you complete an expedition (Mission, Contract, Freeplay, Stronghold) you earn experience. That experience also goes into the Alliance System. Even better, the experience from the other people in your group also goes into the Alliance System. Even better still, players on your friends list who play without you – their experience also goes into the Alliance System.

During the weekend, players will be then rewarded with Coin (Anthem’s in-game currency) according to the amount of experience they contribute to this Alliance System. There are a couple of reward tiers to hit as well as a weekly XP cap. The Alliance System is meant to be a feature to encourage social interaction in Anthem. However, the game will also have a Guild system that will go live after launch that will allow players to arrange groups of people with similar interests and play styles.

With the Alliance System and Guilds, Anthem will be a giant social experience tailored for those who love to play with friends as well as those who don’t yet have the friends list to support the game.

Anthem releases on 22 February 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.






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