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BioWare Hires YouTuber to Work on Next Mass Effect Game

BioWare might be focusing on Dragon Age 4 first, but their upcoming Mass Effect sequel is still a few years away. However, the studio has now hired popular YouTuber ‘Lessons from the Screenplay’ to work on the next Mass Effect game.

Lessons from the Screenplay is a YouTube channel that breaks down the storytelling methods in various pop culture IPs from games to television and film. The channel founder Michael Tucker has now announced that he’s joined BioWare on the next Mass Effect game, though didn’t state his exact role in the company.

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BioWare may have seen a particular video from the channel, namely a video uploaded in June 2021 that explained why the planned Mass Effect TV show has the potential to be the next Game of Thrones, that probably factored into their decision to hire the YouTuber.

The 20-minute video was worked on by Tucker and Alex Calleros, who both came up with a central plot structure to the series as well as how several character arcs from the games would be possible in a television format.

If anything, Tucker has shown his knowledge in the Mass Effect universe enough to catch BioWare’s attention. The upcoming game doesn’t have a release date or release window at all, but it’s still in the prototyping phase and might be several years away from hitting store shelves.

Meanwhile, BioWare has also expressed interest in turning Mass Effect into a television show. While Tucker brought forth plenty of great suggestions of how this might be possible, fans remain skeptical – and naturally so – as to how a game largely based on player agency and multiple decision-making might work as a straight forward series narrative.

Mass Effect is currently in development at BioWare. Meanwhile, Dragon Age 4 is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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