While we all love the PS5 console design with the white shell and black inner workings, it is quite a step away from the usual gaming console colour scheme. One thing gamers have been asking is whether or not Sony will release another model PlayStation 5 in a different colour. It seems likely. According to a leaked Sony marketing advertisement, there could be a black and red PS5 model headed our way.

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The pamphlet was spotted on ResetEra where a user spotted the black and red PS5 console amongst other Sony products. According to the user, this image comes directly from Sony and is being used in an upcoming marketing campaign. You can see other devices such as a Sony Bravia and camera sitting next to it.

Black and Red PS5 PlayStation 5

The console is completely black with a red light strip. One strange thing to notice is that if you look at the light strip on the right-hand side, it is actually blue. However, it is lighter compared to the red one. This could be a clear giveaway that this image is fake… or perhaps not. Another strange design issue I spotted was the white stips on each of the DualSense’s handles. Whoever made this image did a bad job with the paint bucket tool.

Black and Red PS5 PlayStation 5

I don’t want to lose hope that this is not a legit PS5 black and red console. However, it seems too good to be true. Perhaps Sony will launch it alongside the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales as the colour scheme suits the game perfectly. We will just have to wait and see whether or not the company plans on releasing multiple edition PlayStation 5 consoles. Reports claim the company plans on hosting an August 2020 event with more game reveals and announcements. Perhaps we will see this edition announced then? Until then, take this with a pinch of salt. Someone could have easily messed up and used a fan’s mockup by mistake or perhaps the whole ad is just a massive troll.

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