Half-Life Remake “Black Mesa” Finally Set to Release in March

HalfLife Remake Black Mesa Crowbar Collective
Half-Life Remake “Black Mesa” Finally Set to Release in March

At long last, the Half-Life remake Black Mesa is ready to launch in its final version next month. The game has been in early access since 2015 as the ambitious remake started out as a small community project mod way back in the day. The modding team grew over time in a decently-sized indie developer and then established themselves as the “Crowbar Collective.”

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The first playable Half-Life remake Black Mesa demo released way back in 2012 and immediately the game made a name for itself and users demanded more. The whole experience is a massive step up from the original 1998 release of Half-Life with the utmost attention to detail and graphical enhancements being a focal point for the developers at Crowbar Collective.

Black Mesa 1.0 will release on 5 March 2020 on Steam and will finally be exiting Early Access. For those of you who want to play it, buy it now before the price goes up or don’t and support the developers when it releases at the full price.

YouTuber Starfals put together a great video comparison showcasing the game’s 2012 version and the final Black Mesa release version in a video which you can see down below. It is a major step up from the 2012 release especially in terms of visuals and sound quality.

You can buy Black Mesa on Steam by visiting the official page here. For R130, you cannot go wrong.

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