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Black Myth Wukong Gets New 4K RTX Gameplay Footage

NVIDIA shared some brand-new Black Myth Wukong gameplay over the weekend that we had to share with you. The gameplay includes 8-minutes of new footage, including combat, exploration and best of all, RTX-enhanced visuals.

According to NVIDIA, the latest gameplay runs on PC and is pumped to the max when it comes to the settings. Previously, Black Myth Wukong’s gameplay felt quite scripted and if anything, fake. However, the latest video shows a lot of actual gameplay besides some well-edited cinematics.

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In the trailer, we can see a bit of general exploration as Wukon explores the forest around him, collects items and listens to a bit of narrative as he finds new things to pick up. The items include grass and mushrooms. However, one strand of grass turns out to be an enemy lurking underground.

A bit into the trailer, we also get a glimpse at the Black Myth Wukong inventory system. Here, we can see the character equipping a range of items including a chest piece, arms and legs. There’s also a stats display icon on the right-hand side that shows off the current build’s damage and defence depending on the current equipment.

The gameplay trailer then proceeds to a new area in the game with a giant tree spawning roots into the sky. A dragon appears out in the distance to fight the player and combat ensues.

Those of you familiar with the soulslike genre will feel right at home with Black Myth Wukong. The gameplay is definitely on the lines of Dark Souls but of course, features a much-faster theme. Wukong can be seen hitting the dragon as he trickles his health down. The dragon then stumbles leaving an opening for a strong attack.

At the end of the fight, Wukong seemingly obtains a new weapon by defeating the dragon. Black Myth Wukong is currently in development. Check out the gameplay below.

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