Someone Spent Over R14K In Black Ops 4’s Black Market To Unlock This
Black Ops 4's Black Market
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What do you get for spending over 14K in Black Ops 4’s Black Market – Blackjack’s Shop? A whole lot of nothing. Okay, that is not entirely true, you get the above message congratulating you on being this “generous” and filling Activision’s coffers with your hard earned cash. According to YouTuber MatMicMar, he also got the shiny ULTRA Boombox weapon’s skin. But wait! There’s more, not only did he get one Boombox skin he got four! For the gamer that has it all.

The above story would’ve been funny if it wasn’t true. Over the weekend, MatMicMar tweeted a series of screenshots showing his travels through Blackjack’s Shop. At level 600 he shows the content of his contraband collection, and it does include some pretty things like that cute Invader sticker. But where’s the hot stuff like weapon variants? My bad, I forgot he got four! The quadruple Boombox.

Talk about being desperate a Completionist! Unlike the rest of us, that grinds through the Black Market progression system to unlock cosmetics. Everyone can purchase Black Market shinies with their Call of Duty Points that they earn by simply playing the game. If however, you feel the desperate need to want it all, you can buy Call of Duty Points and unlock away.

Talk about gaming/gambling. How are these odds for you? He reached max tier (1000), and to thank him for spending almost $1000 he got one cool weapon variant, a whole lot of duplicates and a thank you note. I am not diminishing all the cool stickers and whatnot that you get, but the least Activision could’ve done was to include more of the things players actually want.

Activision, after all, earned over $4 billion in a single year just from microtransactions.

We generate over $4 billion a year in net bookings from in-game content, which represents the growing majority of our net bookings, yet still offer some of the best value per hour in all of entertainment. We see the continued improvement of our live operations model as one of our largest growth opportunities with the potential to generate billions of dollars of high-margin incremental revenue as we deliver year-round in-game content for our community.

The above quote is from Activision’s latest earnings call. Now, look at that quote again. Then look at the tweet below.






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