Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout South African Server Bug Fixed According to Treyarch
lackout South African Server
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Since the 23rd of October 2018, users started to experience major issues while playing on the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout South African servers. Matchmaking would take forever as no matches would be found and no lobbies would be created.

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With enough awareness raised on Twitter and through local Activision reps, Treyarch was made aware of this issue and started investigating the issue. No, the South African Blackout servers were never offline. After contacting various people involved with the server hosting and them confirming that the servers will up and running, the issues was clearly brought on by the October 23rd hotfix and not the servers being offline.

This morning we are happy to report that Treyarch identified the issue in the game code which caused havoc on the matchmaking process for Blackout in South Africa. This has now been resolved and matchmaking should be back to normal. According to Reddit, this fix was implemented last week but some testing had to be done to confirm this. We have been playing the game since Thursday and while the lobbies take a while to fill up, at least we are not welcomed with a “could not find a match” error.

Treyarch had this to say:

Finally, a note to our players experiencing low server populations in certain areas of the world, particularly South America and South Africa. Earlier this week, we rolled out an update to ensure Blackout matches always start up in these regions despite server population, and we’re constantly working to improve the online experience. We’ve also been rolling out network updates over the past two weeks to improve server performance around the globe. If you’re still experiencing problems with getting into a Blackout match in your region, let us know in the comments below. We’re always listening and working behind the scenes to make sure everyone in the Black Ops 4 community can have the best experience possible, regardless of where they live.

For all of you who claimed the servers were offline, at least we know that was not the case instead, there was indeed a bug in the system causing matchmaking havoc in Blackout. Now, all we can hope for is that the player count stays high and matches are filled up. If you have jumped ship because of the bug, this would be a great time to return and give it a go.

We have also seen reports of players joining EU lobbies when the player count is too low for SA servers. We don’t know if this is a new feature Treyarch implemented but many people on Twitter say they joined games with 200ms ping which points to EU servers. The local servers have as low ping as 20ms.

Also, it would be great if you guys give us feedback on your experience. Are you finding local/EU matches or if you are not, what happened and what time were you playing. Any information you can provide on the game mode’s issues we can pass onto Treyarch directly and they can look into it.






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