The First Gameplay Trailer for The Blair Witch Game is Here and it is Terrifying
Blair Witch Game
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Based on the 1999 horror film, the upcoming Blair Witch game is looking to frighten gamers just as much as the movie did back in the day. The first gameplay trailer for the Blair Witch has been unleashed and so far it looks like an interesting approach without reinventing the wheel.

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Horror fans will be happy to know the game is set in 1996 where the player will take on the role of Ellis who ventures into a mysterious forest to solve the mysteries that plague the town.

The gameplay trailer touches on a couple of mechanics such as your dog named Bullet that can perform various actions throughout the game such as searching ahead for trouble and protecting the player.

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The game’s 90s vibe is quite clear in the trailer as from the start we are introduced to a world without smartphones, bad cameras and cassette tapes which all seem to play a vital role in the game’s progression and story. The first-person perspective will also deliver the series’ famous documentary-esque approach.

We know very little of the game’s story at this point but if it is anything like the 1996 film, the forest which we will explore is located outside of Burkittsville as players try to uncover the mysteries and possible disappearances of people surrounding the titular witch.

The Blair Witch game is releasing on 30 August 2019 for PC and Xbox One. No word yet if the team behind the game, Bloober Team and Lionsgate Games are planning to port the game to PS4.






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