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Blizzard Details Diablo 4 Endgame Content

Blizzard Entertainment has briefly detailed the endgame present in its upcoming action-RPG, Diablo 4, once players beat the main campaign. Those looking for a wealth of content and activities to partake in won’t be disappointed as everything from more difficult dungeons and PvP areas to stronger monsters and more unlock. The video arrives ahead of a stream that Blizzard plans to host on 20 April that will further elaborate on all of the endgame content.

A group of Blizzard Entertainment developers recently spoke on Diablo 4‘s endgame content via the latest “Into the Endgame” video, explaining what players will be able to do after completing the main story. Judging by the amount of options available to players at launch, with more promising to be added in subsequent updates, there’s one hefty grind in store across the world of Sanctuary. As a little (mistaken?) spoiler, Blizzard also accidentally included brief footage of a boss fight against what appears to be one of the Lesser Evils, Andariel, in the new video.

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First and foremost, players can unlock more difficult dungeons called Nightmare Dungeons which can be accessed with a Nightmare Sigil. This essentially creates a hard mode of that specific dungeon with harder monsters and different objectives. Furthermore, portals called Hellgates will also sporadically appear in Nightmare Dungeons that pours out monsters from other regions. Diablo 4 associate game director Joseph Piepiora says players can expect to encounter around 120 dungeons in the final product.

Of course, playing on higher World Tier difficulties will unlock better rewards. However, players won’t simply be able to just select a difficulty from the menu. Once the main campaign is completed, players must complete harder capstone dungeons to ensure that they’re ready for the next difficulty tier. This will smoothly transition players into higher World Tiers and make sure that they’re prepared for what’s to come.

Beyond dungeons, the overworld of Sanctuary will have plenty of ever-changing activities to run into and take part in. Helltides are red storms that appear on the map where the skies darken a red colour and rivers of blood run throughout the zone. Helltides will host more powerful enemies but defeating them will earn you shards that can be turned in for big rewards like cosmetic items and upgrades.

A bounty system will also be featured in Diablo 4. Through the Tree of Whispers, players can take on bounties to collect Whispers of the Dead. These resources can also be cashed in for big rewards as well. As seen in the beta, Legendary Aspects are rewarded to players that complete the normal version of dungeons that basically converts items into Legendaries.

After reaching level 50, players unlock the Paragon Board which offers gradual increases to attributes like Dexterity, Strength and more. Players can further fine-tune their characters through this system and focus on upgrading specific attributes and skills. It’s an interesting approach to ideally customising your character but hopefully the small +5 boosts will actually accumulate over time into something more meaningful for your build.

Finally, a PvP endgame zone called the Fields of Hatred will incentivise players to compete against each other to acquire valuable shards that can be cleansed to acquire stronger endgame gear. Unfortunately these resources are somewhat limited so players will have to battle others for shards and steal them.

Look forward to the full endgame stream for Diablo 4 taking place on 20 April which will be co-hosted with Blizzard and Diablo content creator Rhykker.

Diablo 4 launches on 6 June 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Watch the full endgame breakdown below:

Source: Blizzard

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