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Blizzard Hosts Uncomfortable Diablo 4 Chat – Admits Game State is “Bad”

Blizzard’s latest Diablo 4 Campfire Chat was pretty awkward. The studio hosted a stream on Friday night where key developers on the title addressed the recent wave of fan backlash and community negativity.

To cut it short, Diablo 4 isn’t in a good space right now. The recent patch nerfed many of the game’s elements while also making it harder to level up. An intentional patch by Blizzard in order to get users to look for more ways to create better builds and as a result, play on the Season 1 server.

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I would be here all day if I had to list the current issues with Diablo 4. A short trip to Reddit will reveal the generally hostile environment where fans have used the platform as a place to complain and moan about the game. If anything, Diablo 4 has been boycotted and players feel burnt.

As a result of the ongoing controversy, Blizzard’s latest Diablo 4 Campfire Chat was pretty awkward. The general tone of the developer is clear – they messed up and know they messed up.

Community Manager Adam Fletcher started off the stream by admitting Diablo 4 is not fun at the moment. He says “We know it’s bad”.

“To kick us off here, I think we want to obviously acknowledge everyone’s feedback in regards to reducing player power. We know it’s bad, we know it’s not fun, and its something we ourselves know is not the greatest play experience for players out there”

Blizzard touched on the issues and acknowledged them. However, that doesn’t mean the studio had confirmed it will tackle each one individually. Already, Diablo 4’s biggest issues weren’t addressed in the Season 1 patch. Things such as Gem management and limited inventory space were overlooked and instead, the studio nerfed enemy density and XP gains.

The studio did release a hotfix which increased the enemy density of Nightmare Dungeons. The team also say buffs are on the way. But there’s no ETA for this. It could take weeks before we see these changes implemented into the game.

You can watch the stream below. It will start with the important part. There aren’t any confirmed changes but it is nice to see the team handle the feedback.

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