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Blizzard Promises Big Changes to Diablo 4 Gems and Renown

Blizzard has addressed fan feedback regarding Diablo 4 and its various in-game features. The game, which launched in early July has had enough time in gamer’s hands to shed light on the problems and issues which fans hope get ironed out soon. Blizzard has been so busy nerfing dungeon XP that the studio has failed to address the real elephants in the room. However, they promise that is changing.

In a recent Campfire Chat, Blizzard detailed some of the changes headed to the game in the upcoming season. The bad news is we won’t see most of these changes for a while. The good news (I guess) is that they are in the works.

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Maps, Seasonal Renown and Altar of Lilith Changes

Blizzard says they are currently addressing the various exploration features in Diablo 4 and what players will have to complete again once the first season of the game arrives. While Blizzard has yet to nail down what stays and what goes, the developer says that players won’t have to grind out the map discovery each time.

In Season One, if you have discovered the map according to your Eternal Realm achievements, it will be fully visible for future characters as well as new seasons. In addition, waypoints will be visible on the map too if you have discovered them in the past. However, you’ll have to unlock them each time you start a character.

The same is said for the Altars of Lilith. These discovered statues will also carry over to the next characters alongside the permanent buffs you unlock. So perhaps find them all in one playthrough to save you time.

Renown is also carrying over to each new character. Meaning that your first playthrough of the game, if you end up doing everything on the map, will make the next playthrough easier thanks to the potion capacity increases and extra skill points.

At the moment, Blizzard says side quests, strongholds and dungeon renown will reset so unless you are far into the renown level, you might need to do a few things in order to max the level back up. Blizzard says this might change.

Gems Won’t Take Up Space and Materials Cap Increases Incoming

Another big change coming to Diablo 4 is the removal of gems from the main inventory spot in the game. Instead of gems taking up a single spot per each gem, Blizzard says it will add them into a separate tab so they show up alongside your inventory and not take up space in your actual inventory.

“The idea is to change the way you acquire gems so that they show up in your materials or currency tab, rather than your inventory. And then the way that will work is you go to craft your gem in the same way that you do today, and you just use a certain amount of that material, similar to the amount of equivalent, actual gem inventory slots that you’re using now, but as materials.”

Players are also frustrated by the limited cap on the crafting materials. For example, Veiled Crystals are capped at 10,000. While this might seem high, hardcore players who are in their 90s and level 100s are reaching these caps quite fast. Blizzard says they will increase this to make life easier.

Blizzard didn’t confirm whether or not other materials will also get a cap increase but by the sound of things, the studio doesn’t want players to have limited resources due to these caps. The only cap which will remain as is are the Murmuring Obols.

The studio claims this material cap increase will arrive before Season One so likely expect it in the next few weeks.

You can watch the full Campire Chat video below. It is a long one so grab some coffee.

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