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Blizzard Removes Level Requirements For World Tiers in Diablo 4

The Diablo 4 community is quite upset over the latest changes in the game. We recently reported that Blizzard released an update to the game which added the Season 1 – Season of The Malignant content to the game. However, at the same time, the patch nerfed XP gains, nerfed damage across all classes and also made the experience a bigger grind.

One major issue the fanbase has had with Diablo 4 since the change was the added level requirements tied to World Tiers. Before the patch, players simply had to complete Diablo 4’s campaign and complete two dungeons to enable all the World Tiers. After the patch, Blizzard gated this with a level requirement. Meaning you were no longer able to unlock the World Tier at a lower level, say level 50, and benefit from the XP gains.

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In turn, this change would mean players had to grind to a set level to unlock World Tier 3 and do the same thing again for World Tier 4. Essentially, drawing out the gameplay loop further than needed. Fans absolutely hated this and Blizzard has now changed things back.

After a hotfix went live last night for Diablo 4, the studio has now removed the level requirements for these World Tier settings. The patch notes have confirmed the change.

But this rollback is a small fix on a mountain of issues. Over on Reddit, users aren’t thanking Blizzard for fixing it. In fact, they say Blizzard doesn’t deserve any response. One user claims that the change was pointless and you should not “commend the arsonist for putting out their own fire”.

Blizzard has promised to address the fan backlash following the latest patch notes. The developer is hosting a Fireside Chat later today where it hopes to clear the air. However, fans once again feel like it is a waste of time.

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  • Nikki_boagreis 22 July 2023

    Yes, im not really sure that i like all these recent changes.

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