Blood Echoes A Bloodborne Anthology Book
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Blood Echoes: A Bloodborne Anthology Book Announced

A new Bloodborne book has been announced titled Blood Echoes: A Bloodborne Anthology, a collection of the game’s criticisms, essays, new interviews and out-of-print talks with director Hidetaka Miyazaki. The book is being published by Tune & Fairweather at a price of £72 or around R1600 if you’re looking to ship the product.

Blood Echoes: A Bloodborne Anthology features essays published shortly after the launch of the 2015 dark fantasy RPG by From Software. It will also include a variety of new essays and interviews with several community members including the Bloodborne speedrun world-record holder Chase ‘Genso’ Morrissey and Lilith Walther, the creator of the Bloodborne PSX demake.

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The book will also feature a “long out-of-print interview that Future Press conducted with Hidetaka Miyazaki”, reproduced with permission from the publisher. The original interview was first featured in Bloodborne‘s official strategy guide which has become quite a rarity as it now goes for a hefty price on the second-hand market. It will also feature additional interviews from Ryan Morris, the game’s lead English translator and Ryan Amon, one of the lead composer’s of the soundtrack.

Blood Echoes A Bloodborne Anthology Book

Bloodborne originally released in 2015 exclusively for PS4 from Dark Souls developer From Software. The game received universal acclaim at launch and was nominated for several Game of the Year awards at the time. It has since become a classic in gaming history. Unfortunately, From Software’s current focus on Elden Ring means that the studio won’t have much time to work on a long-requested sequel – at least not any time soon.

If you’re a collector and avid fan of Bloodborne, this might be worth grabbing and adding to your collection. Blood Echoes: A Bloodborne Anthology will release later this year with an estimated shipping time of December 2023. Visit the Tune & Fairweather website for more information and pre-order details.

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