Official Bloodborne Board Game Kickstarter Makes $1.5 Million in First 24 Hours
Bloodborne 60 FPS Board Game PS5 PC Steam
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The official Bloodborne board game has a Kickstarter campaign that has made $1.5 million in its first 24 hours, way surpassing its initial $200,000 in mere minutes of the campaign going live. FromSoftware’s popular PlayStation exclusive seems to be perfect for a board game, based on the Kickstarter campaign’s surprising success.

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The Bloodborne board game is simply entitled, Bloodborne: The Board Game and was created by Michael Shinall and Eric M. Lang. At the time of writing this, the Kickstarter campaign is currently sitting at over $1.7 million with 18 days left to go.

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The board game features 1 to 4 Hunters who must explore Yharnam and fight their way through beasts, monsters, and crazy townsfolk to find out why the world’s gone mad. There are 28 Monsters figures that feature some of the game’s favourite bad guys and bosses. The Bloodborne board game will also feature Chalice Dungeons which provide random mini-challenges, with more details to be revealed as the Kickstarted campaign progresses.

As we progress through the campaign, we will delve deep into the Chalice Dungeons: a new way to play. Moving from the campaign focus of the core box to single-session plays focusing on slaying enemies, upgrading your hunter, and slaying unique bosses.

The figures are really cool, with some of the classic characters and bosses awesomely scaled down into beautifully crafted board game pieces that fans of the franchise will freak out about.

There are 20 tiles, 1 mainboard, 4 Hunter dashboards, more than 60 upgrade cards, 30 consumable item cards, more than 100 chapter cards, enemy cards, 4 counter bases, and more than 40 tokens.

There are still 18 days left on the Kickstarter campaign, with pledging starting at $100. Currently, the campaign has close to 19 000 backers

There’s a lot of detail that went into crafting this boardgame and creating its rules and content, with plenty of hours of board gaming fun to be had.

Let us know what you think about the Bloodborne board game in the comments section below.






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