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Bloodborne First-Person Mod Actually Looks Pretty Awesome

Believe it or not but someone has managed to create a fully functional Bloodborne first-person mod and it looks surprisingly good. Keep in mind that modding a PS4 game is quite a mission and often users try and avoid doing it due to the layers of custom firmware needed to unlock the console. If you do ever decide to mod games on your PS4, the first two mods we recommend you install are the Bloodborne 60FPS patch and now this first-person mod.

The Bloodborne first-person mod comes from YouTuber Garden of Eyes who recently shared footage of the experience. According to Garden of Eyes, the mod has been built in collaboration with Zullie the Witch using their Dark Souls III first-person mod as a foundation. At first glance, this Bloodborne first-person mod looks like a completely new experience for VR. The floating hands and camera angle gives this away. However, it is actually not the case. The mod is being built for the game without VR.

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According to Garden of Eyes, the first-person mod enables players to experience the entire Bloodborne game and its expansion from a new perspective. Players will fight bosses while looking directly at them in the eye and explore the daunting world while walking through it like a true horror game.

The Bloodborne first-person mod is still in development. Garden of Eyes claims it is set to release “very soon”. By the look of the trailer, it seems to be quite polished and ready for release. Unfortunately, the experience is once again locked behind the ability to mod your PS4 and games. If you do get around to doing that, then make sure you check this mod out. You can also install the unofficial 60FPS patch while you’re at it.

We can only hope that Bloodborne makes its way to PC sometime in the future so modders can enjoy tweaking the game. There’s no doubt that the modding experience is a lot easier on PC and mods like these will be slapped up instantly. Check out the Bloodborne first-person mod down below.

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