Bloodborne Gets 60 FPS Patch But You Probably Can’t Install it
"You will need a jailbroken PS4 to install this"
Bloodborne 60 FPS Board Game PS5 PC Steam
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Modder Lance McDonald has released his unofficial Bloodborne 60FPS patch that makes the game run at 60 frames per second on the PS4. Lance announced last year that he was working on the visual patch but would give Sony some time to work on their own before releasing it to the public. Well, Sony completely ignored him so he has gone ahead and released the unofficial patch.


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Unfortunately, users who hoping to boot up their PS4 or PS5 and install the update are out of luck. This is a modded patch which means users will need a jailbroken console in order to update the game. If you do have one of these highly-illegal consoles then you can enjoy playing Bloodborne at 60FPS. Of course, the update does come with a sacrifice to the resolution. It lowers down to 1280×720 when the 60FPS patch is installed.

Here’s a video of Bloodborne running at 60FPS:

Sony has shown no interest in Bloodborne over the past few years. Nor has the company focused any efforts in updating the game for the PS4 Pro or the PS5. If you own the game and a standard unmodded PS4 console, you are stuck with playing the capped-at-30FPS version of the game. It is a pity because Bloodborne could really do with an improvement to the frame rate. The visceral combat would no doubt benefit from the boost.







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