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Bloodborne Mobile Game Isn’t Official, Likely A Scam

Over the past couple of days, a Bloodborne mobile game has been making the rounds online with many convinced that Sony had somehow secretly ported the game to phones. As it turns out, this mobile rip-off has nothing to do with Sony or the Bloodborne IP. As many users pointed out, the game doesn’t actually exist in any form on mobile devices. Instead, it’s likely to be a scam as it quickly asks you for money before being able to “play” the game.

PlayStation Lifestyle dove into the details behind the Bloodborne mobile game, “developed” by Rock Great Games. The game’s file size, coming in at 23.56MB, should already throw up some red flags. After downloading the game from Google Play Store (which it somehow made it onto), you’re hit with some official, unlicensed key art from the game and a transluscent “Start Game” button. Unfortunately, there’s no way to actually start the game unless you purchase one of the ridiculous Premium packages.

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You’re given three options for Premium mobile plans: Weekly, Monthly and Annually. Nobody has yet to actually buy one of these packages since people are much smarter than this, but it’s clearly designed in a way to take money from you and we bet there’s nothing at the end of that rainbow either.

Raising even more red flags, the official description on the Google Play Store is simply a copy/paste description of the game from the PS4 version. It also features plenty of screenshots lifted from the PS4 game – likely without permission – which isn’t indicative what’s actually in store for players. It even fails to remove “Developed exclusively for the PlayStation 4” from its description, which is laughable.

If you’re curious about checking out Bloodborne Mobile (we strongly advise against it), it’s still up on the Google Play Store for the time being.

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle

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