Developer Lilith Walther has announced an official release date for the awesome-looking Bloodborne demake. The game has been in development for a couple of years now and sees the iconic PS4 game by FromSoftware take on a retro look and feel. According to Walther, the Bloodborne demake is set to release on 31 January 2022 for PC.

Those of you looking to play this retro game can pick it up for free next year. There’s no cost to the title at all. However, we do urge readers to donate something towards the project as a thank you to the developer for bringing this awesome project our way.

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According to Walther, the Bloodborne demake will contain the game’s first original area. Players are able to fight the first boss, the Cleric Beast and also take on the game’s second boss, Father Gascoigne. According to the developer the demake also includes some new areas for players to explore.

As for the weapons and enemies, the Bloodborne demake has been created following the game’s original content. This means players will encounter all the enemies they first met in the main game as well as wield the weapons they obtained in Bloodborne.

The gameplay also follows the original and includes a parry indicator that lets players time a deflect and parry incoming attacks. It all looks fantastic while at the same time providing players with an old-school retro look and feel.

Check out the Bloodborne demake trailer down below.

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Source: Twitter

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