Bloodborne PSX Fan-Made Demake Free PC

Bloodborne PSX Fan-Made Demake Now Available for Free on PC

The fan-made demake of Bloodborne, officially titled Bloodborne PSX, is finally complete and available to download on PC free of charge. Developed by Lilith Walther, the demake aimed to recreate the legendary PS4 exclusive by From Software so that it looks like a PS1 game. The end result is pretty fantastic.

Developed in just 13 months, Bloodborne PSX takes players to a more retro-styled Yharnam complete with a CRT filter and significantly toned down graphics and gameplay mechanics. The description encourages players to try out “10 unique hunter weapons” while using the “Strategic Action Combat system” to slay beasts, collect key items and survive the night.

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It’s worth noting that much of Bloodborne PSX‘s late-game content is kept locked behind a fog gate (possibly due to time constraints as a full demake would be extremely time-consuming). Nonetheless, it looks like players will still have a sizeable chunk of the game to explore in this demake.

The trailer suggests that players will be able to tackle the opening portions of the game, set in Yharnam. Bosses such as the Cleric Beast and Father Gascoigne make an appearance, complete with the latter’s grizzly transformation sequence.

Since Bloodborne PSX isn’t officially licensed by Sony or From Software and is a fan-made product, the game cannot be sold and thus is available to play for free to all PC players.

This is probably the closest we’ll ever get to Bloodborne appearing on PC in some capacity. PlayStation is currently pushing several of its first-party games to PC such as God of War, Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn, but Bloodborne remains the tragic outlier. Rumours have suggested that a PC port is actually in development (or a full PS5 remake from Bluepoint), though none of that can be confirmed yet.

Bloodborne PSX is currently available to play for free and you can download it right here. Check out the launch trailer below.

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