Samsung Stops Manufacturing Blu-Ray Players
Blu-Ray Players
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Samsung has confirmed that it has stopped manufacturing its own Blu-ray players. It was first rumoured that the South Korean tech company would stop making any new models of 4K Blu-ray players, but it has now confirmed that it includes all models. This new move could be a sign of the times, where more and more people are moving to cheaper, and more convenient, streaming services to watch their favourite movies, shows, documentaries and more.

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It was first reported that Samsung will stop making 4K Blu-ray players of its own, but this decision has now been confirmed to include all models of players produced by the company. The company has released a very short statement in which it confirms reports that it will stop making 4K Blu-ray players, but have also now confirmed that Samsung will halt production on 1080p players as well.

Samsung will no longer introduce new Blu-ray or 4K Blu-ray player models in the US market.

This news comes after another American competitor company that produces Blu-ray players and other electronics, OPPO Digital, called it quits in April 2018 after being in business for 14 years. This all might be signally the true digital age, where physical disks are dead. However, other competitor companies have recently released new players, like Sony and Panasonic.

With subscription streaming services like Netflix growing in popularity everyday, the end of physical disks seems to be drawing closer. Not only are streaming services a lot cheaper than buying physical disks, they also require less equipment, like a player to play them from. Also, physical disks take up space and can become damaged, whereas streaming services offer a digital, clutter-free solution for watching your favourite things. However, there are still a few fans of physical disks, like there are people who prefer to read physical books over e-books. So the physical disks market might not disappear altogether, it might just become more niche.

Are you sad to hear that Samsung won’t be making any new Blu-ray players in the future?






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