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Blue Box Game Studios Attempt to Create Another Sad Conspiracy With Hidden Audio Log

Just when you might have forgotten that Blue Box Game Studios exists and they tried to scam players multiple times last year with their Abandoned PS5 game that was real but at the same time wasn’t, the studio is now back in the news with more drama. This time, users have reportedly managed to get hold of a “hidden” audio recording on the company’s website that reveals a machine-generated voice speaking in Japanese.

According to the voice recording, Blue Box Games Studio is actually an AI simulation project meant to experiment with AI-generated video games.

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It is unclear yet whether or not Blue Box Games Studios uploaded this file themselves for more attention. However, the audio log describes how the unreleased Abandoned horror game demo was actually built by a so-called “AI simulation group”. This “Project Blue Box” was part of the project designed to experiment with AI building entire video games. Abandoned was codenamed “Zero Cell” and had malfunctioned when it was originally released.

The audio recording explains that even with the project’s failure, the interactions and questions stirred up online makes Zero Zell the strongest AI the company has ever created. By the sound of things, everything related to Abandoned including the social media posts, the disaster release of the demo and even the supposed tie-ins to the Silent Hill series were all created by this AI under “Project Blue Box”.

Those hoping that this audio log would also be tied into some extravagant Kojima plan will also be disappointed. The audio is clearly Japanese and has also been machine translated into English. It is a bit amateurish if you ask me and by now, Kojima would have done a little more to announce the game, if he was working on it of course.

You can listen to the audio recording here on Reddit. It has since been removed from this location on the site. Over on Reddit, users are also going to town with their own reactions and theories of this whole secret message situation. I don’t know about you, but I am pretty much over Blue Box Game Studios.

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