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Blue Box Game Studios Head Accused of Fraudulent Silent Hill Leaks

A new wave of Blue Box Game Studio leaks has surfaced which now reportedly show its founder Hasan Kahraman intentionally making Silent Hill images and content in order to get attention online. Ever since Abandoned’s reveal back in 2021, users have somehow been led to believe that the PS5 game is actually a Silent Hill reboot to some degree. Months have gone by and more tie-ins to the series were spotted in recordings uploaded to the Blue Box Game Studios site and artwork found online. However, it now seems that the studio found Hasan Kahraman has been intentionally creating these leaks in an attempt to gain popularity for his game.

The latest comes from a Twitter account called VGIN Gaming News. The account, which has now been deleted for some reason, posted an entire 9-thread tweet exposing Hasan Kahraman and his so-called Abandoned/Silent Hill circus. The account claims that Hasan is now intentionally leading Silent Hill fans by creating conspiracies to try and attract attention.

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The thread exposes the recent Abandoned leak which Hasan has conveniently tied to the other Silent Hill leak that took place over the weekend. The account claims that Abandoned is probably never going to release due to the constant change in development and concept. Abandoned was previously called Scars of Survival which leaked last year. Hasan then changed it to Zero Cell.

Hasan uploaded an MP3 to the Blue Box Game Studios website which then also leaked. He then claimed that the site was hacked but it seems he intentionally leaked the MP3 in order to start a conspiracy that Abandoned was actually a Metal Gear Solid game.

Abandoned Silent Hill

The account says that Abandoned was never actually in full development. In fact, it was only in production for 5/6 months and the teaser trailer and PS5 apps, which were also a complete disaster, were simply created to attract investors.

The account then goes on to share some test level images for the game. It claims that most of the content that has been leaked up to his point has been scrapped and Abandoned doesn’t really have any assets or build. The cherry on top of this drama is the Silent Hill image which supposedly also leaked as part of the motion capture video. This image has reportedly been doctored in order to gain online traction and lead people on.

Abandoned Silent Hill

It all sounds like a sad cry for help. Something we could have all predicted last year already. Hasan Kahraman and his studio have yet to showcase anything concrete in regards to Abandoned and after the first leak happened, the founder has been riding the Silent Hill wave.

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