Blue Box Games Studios “Abandoned” PS4 Screenshots Leaked

"A PS4 Pro version existed"

Abandoned PS5 Trailer App Blue Box
Blue Box Games Studios “Abandoned” PS4 Screenshots Leaked

Hasan Kahraman didn’t clean out his PSN profile and screenshots for the upcoming Blue Box Games Studios Abandoned game have leaked online. According to Hasan Kahraman, who recently spoke out about the leaked images, the screenshots are actually from a 2019 PS4 version of the game.

He claims that the images were in-engine renders where the studio was testing the limits of the PS4 Pro. He also says that the version running in the screenshots is from a “very different” version of the game.


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Now keep in mind that Blue Box Games Studios has come under fire in recent months for their shady announcements and constant Silent Hill references. They also claimed that the initial PS5 trailer was actually created entirely of marketplace assets and the game looks completely different. However, these screenshots tell a whole different story. They look very much like the trailer so who do we believe now?

Blue Box Games Studios Abandoned PS4 PS5

Putting the confusing nonsense aside, the images do look great. Hasan Kahraman claims that they are taken from the PS4 Pro running at a native 3804 x 2160 using 8K textures and targeting 60FPS. Of course, these screenshots only include a wall or two with high-res textures. This sort of scene would drastically drop in performance when a full game environment is imported into the engine.

Nobody really knows what the future holds for Blue Box Games Studios and its Abandoned game. We know the so-called “real-time experience app’ is expected to launch on 25 August. However, after multiple delays and misinformation shared by the devs, we don’t expect it to arrive on time.

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Source: Twitter

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