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Blue Box Games Studios Shares Abandoned Teaser With Eyepatch Model

Blue Box Games Studios seems to be fully committed to giving into the internet speculations that the upcoming Abandoned PS5 game is not what it seems. First, we had the multitude of Silent Hill references and teasers that had gamers believing the project was an unannounced Silent Hill title. The studio then defended themselves saying that the team has nothing to do with Kojima, Konami and the Silent Hill series. However, the latest teaser is just looking for attention.

The studio posted an image on Twitter with the caption “Are you ready? We are!”. But the image in question contains a blurred character in the background that is wearing an eyepatch. There is also some blurred text that can’t be read.

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The teaser image was an announcement for the upcoming Abandoned Realtime Experience app that supposedly will let PS5 owners interact with this game’s trailer on their console. It all sounds rather gimmicky at this point. Keep in mind that this app has also been delayed multiple times now and was originally meant to debut back in June.

The eyepatch character is also a questionable choice for the studio. Twitter users immediately slammed the studio for trolling them by making use of yet another Konami character, Solid Snake who also wears an eyepatch. The studio seems to be basking in the conspiracies now by adding more fuel to the fire.

There is also talk now that the eyepatch character in the teaser image is bought from an asset store. If you don’t know, Blue Box Games Studios confirmed that the original announcement trailer was created entirely of paid assets and didn’t even represent the game’s experience. Users are now accusing the studio of doing the same thing with this teaser.

According to the founder of Blue Box Games Studios Hasan Kahraman, the so-called “Abandoned Realtime Experience” is set to go live on 10 August. Pre-loads begin tomorrow, 29 July. However, don’t get your hopes up. This app has been delayed multiple times now. Often the delay arrived the day before it was meant to release. The sooner this game is fully announced and we can move on with our lives the better.

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