Bluepoint Games PS5 Exclusive Will “Set a Next-Gen Visual Benchmark”

Bluepoint Games PS5 Demon's Souls Remaster
Bluepoint Games PS5 Exclusive Will “Set a Next-Gen Visual Benchmark”

We know that Bluepoint Games are working on a PS5 exclusive. Some say that the game is a Demons’ Souls remake while others claim it is actually a new IP. It seems the studio is working hard to bring a new visual experience to gamers across the globe and their upcoming PS5 exclusive will “set a next-gen visual benchmark” according to the studio’s new revamped website.

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The new site now features a little bit of information on the upcoming game. While details are still scarce, it is not the first time Bluepoint Games have publically released any information about this top-secret project.

Established in 2006, with a team now over 90 people, Bluepoint has developed a history of delivering the highest quality remasters and remakes in the industry. But that’s not enough for us. Our latest project is the largest in our history and aims to define the visual benchmark for the next generation of gaming hardware.

Last month, Marco Thrush President of Bluepoint Games spoke about the team’s new PS5 project and how proud they are about past successful remakes. Marco mentioned that the studio had been working for years perfecting the Bluepoint Engine which is no doubt running this PS5 title.

We [Bluepoint Games] originally remastered Shadow of the Colossus for the PS3 and then remade it for the PS4. It’s the only one we’ve touched twice and to date, it is our greatest achievement, so it’s easy to say that is our personal favourite. However, there’s no question in our minds that our current project will become the achievement we’re most proud of. Fortunately, the Bluepoint Engine and toolset has been in development for many years. We have significantly invested in ways that allow our process of remastering or remaking games to be powerful and efficient. It is flexible and able to take advantage of any hardware.

According to leaked details we touched on last week, Sony will be revealing this Bluepoint Games PS5 exclusive at the official console reveal that is said to be taking place as early as next week. Is it a Demons’ Souls remake?

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