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Bluepoint’s Next Game is a Bloodborne Remake or Remaster – Report

Ever since PlayStation officially acquired Demon’s Souls remake developer Bluepoint Games, theories and speculation have been flying around online regarding the acclaimed studio’s next major project. While some rumours point to them developing an original title next, a new report suggests that Bluepoint is actually working on a remaster or remake of From Software’s action RPG, Bloodborne.

The rumour comes from Sacred Symbols podcast host Colin Moriarty, who teased on Twitter that Bluepoint may be “on a journey to Yharnam”, the setting for Bloodborne. This is the biggest clue that Bluepoint, who already tackled a From Software project before and are familiar with the properties, is in the process of developing a potential Bloodborne remaster or remake. Others believe that their original title, which isn’t a remake or remaster, could very well be a sequel to Bloodborne too.

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As with all rumours, take this with a grain of salt until we have an official announcement. For several years now, fans have been asking for a remaster of Bloodborne, particularly to offer a more stable framerate or upgraded to a steadier 60FPS. The original game runs at 30FPS on PlayStation 4, though has been known to fluctuate in certain areas. First released in 2015, the acclaimed dark fantasy RPG received an expansion, The Old Hunters, as well as a Game of the Year Edition, but has never been confirmed for current-gen hardware.

If Moriarty’s statement is true, then PlayStation could be tapping Bluepoint to develop either a remake/remaster of Bloodborne, or a potential sequel which has also been highly requested. From Software’s schedule right now includes Elden Ring which launches in January 2022, but beyond that, it’s hard to say what else they’re working on. We’ve heard plenty of rumours and reports about a Bloodborne sequel over the years, but none have ever come to fruition. It’s best to temper our expectations on this one too, but it would make perfect sense for Bluepoint to handle a remake/remaster.

Source: Colin Moriarty

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