Boet Fighter Releases its First Official Trailer of a Trailer
Boet Fighter release date South African Cali4ways Steam
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The highly-anticipated upcoming beat em’ up fighter developed by South African studio Cali4Ways Games, Boet Fighter, has its first official trailer of a trailer of the game. Yes, it makes no sense because it is meant to be the first official trailer that announces there will be an official trailer coming “soon”.

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I was a little disappointed too as I expected to see the game in action in a cool series of over-the-top clips voiced by Gord Laws a.k.a Ed Hardy but alas, it was just a static screen with Gord trying to explain the trailer’s purpose.

According to the trailer of a trailer, which you can watch below, the official trailer of Boet Fighter will be releasing in the next “six weeks to a month” which is meant to be around the release date of the game so perhaps we the actual trailer will be revealing the launch date for the game.

We do know Boet Fighter is meant to release before the end of September but after watching the trailer of the trailer, we never know now. We went hands-on with the game a few weeks back at the Cali4Ways studio and discovered some cool new features. Make sure you check out 5 reasons why you should be excited for the game here.

BOET FIGHTER Trailer of the Trailer 1!

Charnas! It’s faanaly here! The first Official Boet Fighter Trailer… Trailer! In this flippin’ haagh-octane, ultra-explosive, mega-excaating trailer-trailer, you will faand out what amazingly schweet action you can expect from our long-awaited, up-coming trailer, which will klap you in the tits sooner thank you can say, “Ayra, maah cuzzie… I think I just got klapped in the tits baah a trailer of a trailer!”

Posted by Boet Fighter on Tuesday, 6 August 2019






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