At their PAX East 2019 Theatre Show, Gearbox Software finally let the cat out of the bag on their latest game, Borderlands 3. After rumours and teaser trailers, the world can finally rest knowing that soon they will be playing Borderlands 3.

The game is the follow up to the highly successful Borderlands 2 (which is also getting a free 4K update by the way) that will follow the story of the Vault hunters as they set off on a looter-shooter adventure of note. Gearbox did not share much of the game in terms of story details but the trailer shows off the new playable characters, the villains, new bosses and lots and lots of guns. 

Some shockingly-cool moments include the reveal of the massive new environments and boss fights which Gearbox was quite proud of. Borderlands 3 is no doubt the biggest and most ambitious game in the entry. The game is said to have over 1 billion guns and a massive cast of new characters and enemies. 

The game will feature 4k support for PS4 Pro and Xbox One and will release on all three platforms including PC. Gearbox did not reveal any release date for the game but announced that it will be coming out “soon”. Gearbox will reveal more about Borderlands 3 on April 3rd. Perhaps we will get a release date then?

Check out the Borderlands 3 trailer below and feel free to scream into a pillow if need be. I know I did. 

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