Borderlands 3 Crossplay Announcement Teased For This Week
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If you want to play Borderlands 3 with other friends who are on other platforms when the game releases this September, you just may be able to. Borderlands 3 crossplay could be a reality and Gearbox could be announcing the feature this week.

An event called the “Celebration of Togetherness” will take place on the official Borderlands 3 website tomorrow at 16:00 South African time. The stream is still a mystery but everything we have seen points to it being a Borderlands 3 crossplay announcement.

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Borderlands 3 creator, Randy Pitchford tweeted about the announcement too saying “what we have prepared for you can create a great shared moment of happiness, joy, and wonder”

If you read between the lines, there is a lot of emphasis on “sharing” going on with this announcement and the much-rumoured Borderlands 3 crossplay feature could be officially revealed during this stream. This could mean gamers could join other players on other platforms while looting and shooting the galaxy in a unified “celebration of togetherness”.

Borderlands 3 is releasing on 13 September 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC and if crossplay is being announced, it would mean a unified experience across platforms. 2K Games will most likely have the feature available when the game releases on Steam in 2020 as well as Google Stadia in the coming months too.

Whatever is being announced, we will update you as soon as it happens. Until then, let us know if you would love or hate crossplay in Borderlands 3 in the comment section down below.

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