Borderlands 3 End-Game Content and DLC Roadmap Revealed
Borderlands 3 launch times preload gearbox
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Those of you worried about Borderlands 3 dying after you finish the campaign fear not. Gearbox Software has revealed the end-game content for the upcoming shooter along with a teaser of the first seasonal event and post-launch DLC.

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At PAX West, the developer outlined the plans for the Borderlands 3 endgame content which includes a Halloween-themed event, new game modes, a new map, new enemies and a paid DLC pack which is included in the season pass.

These activities will be outside of the already-revealed Proving Grounds mode announced at Gamescom. First, we have the True Vault Hunter Mode which is an advanced version of the main campaign as seen in past games. Your Guardian Rank goes hand-in-hand with this as players will rank up using this “evolved” version of the Badass Rank from Borderlands 2.

Mayhem Mode will then let players modify the campaign in specific ways to make things harder while rewarding you with better loot.

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In October, Gearbox Software will then release a free Bloody Harvest Event that will bring new “spooky” activities to the game. Players can unlock themed rewards after completing the event. The Maliwan Takedown update will also be a free update and come with a new map, boss, enemies and rewards.

Gearbox Software then teased the first major Borderlands 3 DLC which will release near the end of 2019. This paid DLC pack will come with a new main story to follow, side missions, enemies and loot. This will then tie into the True Vault Hunter Mode and the Mayhem Mode to deliver even more content.

Borderlands 3 DLC

Borderlands 3 will have DLC well into 2020 and beyond but this is just a small taste of what is to come. The game is releasing on 13 September for PS4, Xbox One and the Epic Games Store.






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