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Borderlands 3 Game of Thrones Easter Egg and Where to Find it

Borderlands 3 is out in the wilds and we’ve all been looting and shooting our way through the campaign by Gearbox Software. There’s a lot to see and do in the game, including visiting multiple planets and a tonne of awesome sidequests. If you head off the beaten path you may also find quite a few surprises, including a Borderlands 3 Game of Thrones Easter Egg.

Warning: Minor spoilers ahead

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With the spoiler warning out of the way, we can tell you where to find the Easter Egg and what it is all about below. Last chance to get out.

The Borderlands 3 Game of Thrones Easter Egg isn’t tied to a quest, but instead, you might just stumble upon it on Eden 6. You have to be fairly deep into the campaign to fight a character called the Mother of Grogans. Her full title is The Uncorroded Queen of the Sewer Kingdom and she is accompanied by three dragons that spit fire on players from above. Sounds familiar, right?

To find this awesome Borderlands 3 Game of Thrones Easter Egg, you have to head to Eden 6 and fast-travel to The Anvil. From there, head into the sewers and make your way to the backroom in an area called “West of Gross” which is a clear nod to Westeros, where you will see a chest. Open the chest and the Mother of Grogans will likely come out of the door. Apparently, she doesn’t always spawn. If this happens, head out of the area and come back again.

This isn’t the only Borderlands 3 Easter Egg Gearbox Software threw into the game, but it is a pretty awesome one for the Game of Thrones fans out there.

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Check out a video by YouTube channel Arekkz Gaming featuring this Borderlands 3 Easter Egg below and then tell us what other awesome things you’ve run into while looting and shooting your way through the galaxy in the comment section.

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