Borderlands 3 Sees You Troll Your Friends By Sending Them Dangerous Items
Borderlands 3 Gifting
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The more we hear about Borderlands 3, the better it sounds. Past games have featured a deep social system and the latest entry seems to be evolving in every aspect and the latest Borderlands 3 gifting system

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A new feature in Borderlands 3 is gifting. In past games, you could just drop weapons and items for friends and that was pretty much it. In Borderlands 3 if you spot something and don’t want it, you can send it to a friend.

According to Gearbox, you can really send whatever you want and this allows for players to troll each other. Speaking to GamingBolt at E3 (a bit of an old interview but interesting news nonetheless), Anthony Nicholson elaborated on the gifting system saying:

“There’s nothing in the game that people don’t like, right? “You can send whatever. That goes with grenades, different shields and things like that, too. So if there is one with some type of debuff on it or some type of dynamic change that can happen if you do a thing, stick it in there and maybe it will get past them like, ‘Oh, hey! There’s a lot of health on this.’ Then it explodes on them.”

It seems some items will have a gamble to them in Borderlands 3. Extremely-high stats on something specific but it could explode at any moment. You will be able to use this at your own risk or you can just gift it to a friend without them knowing what the debuff is. It will quite funny to get a DM from them telling you it exploded in their face.

But the gifting system will also be beneficial for players who want to actually share important gear with friends. The added “troll” mechanic seems to just come with the territory.

Borderlands 3 releases on 13 September 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Make sure you read all about the features we discovered during our E3 2019 hands-on time with the game here.

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