We are all extremely excited about Borderlands 3, especially after the awesome gameplay reveal that happened last night. The game will be the biggest in the franchise to date and everything about it looks amazing thanks to Gearbox Software “sticking to their guns” to create what will probably be known as the greatest looter-shooter of all time when it releases. However, one thing that many gamers might be concerned about is Borderlands 3 microtransactions. Thankfully, we don’t have to be concerned about that after all, as there will be no pay-to-win aspect.

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The whole Borderlands 3 microtransactions thing wasn’t really all that clear when Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford said the following on stage.

We’re gonna do some kickass campaign DLC. And I’m sure we’re going to do all kinds of fun customizations like heads and skins, but we’re not doing any of that free-to-play junk. There’s not going to be any microtransactions, there’s not going to be any of that nonsense.

Honestly, it sounded like there would be absolutely no microtransactions in the game. Then, the game’s producer, Chris Brock, clarified things a bit to Games Industry, explaining that:

When we say ‘no microtransactions,’ what we’re really trying to say is that we’re not trying to nickel and dime people. We’ll probably make content after launch that we will sell, but we also don’t intend to take what Borderlands was and then chop it up into chunks and sell it.

Further, Mr Pitchford took to Twitter responding to an article written by Game Informer and even though things got a little bit heated, his comment makes it clear that there will be microtransactions, but they won’t be pay-to-win.

Borderlands 3 releases on 13 September 2019. There is no doubt in my mind that the game will be well worth it even with Borderlands 3 microtransactions, so don’t forget to check out our comprehensive Borderlands 3 South African pricing guide. 

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