Borderlands 3 on PC Doing Very Well, Despite Epic Games Store Exclusivity and Technical Issues
Borderlands 3 on PC Gearbox Software Randy Pitchford Epic Games Store
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For those who’ve been living under a heap of Skags, Borderlands 3 on PC isn’t perfect. When the game launched, we reported on all the bugs and known issues, with the PC version of the game having by far the most technical issues. Then, there’s also the issue of Epic Games Store timed-exclusivity, leaving many PC gamers to proclaim that they will wait for the Steam release next year. Despite all this, Borderlands 3 on PC is doing very well, according to Gearbox Software CEO, Randy Pitchford.

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At launch, Borderlands 3 on PC has seen double the concurrent players of Borderlands 2 according to Randy Pitchford. The Gearbox Software CEO took to Twitter to announce the news, explaining that:

Randy Pitchford continued to say that the game has achieved the best numbers in Gearbox Software history with a new peak concurrent player numbers and that it is continuing to climb.

Looking at the numbers for Borderlands 2 on Steam, according to SteamDB, the peak concurrent players number sits at 124,678, which means that Borderlands 3 on PC has over 250,000 concurrent players at its peak, but there is no telling how much this number has grown since the statement by Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford. It looks like many PC gamers didn’t wait for the Epic Games Store exclusivity to end after all.

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Are you playing Borderlands 3 and have you run into any big technical issues? Let us know in the comment section below.






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