Borderlands 3 Performance Mode Reportedly a Mess on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro
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If you own a PS4 Pro or an Xbox One X and you are playing the latest (and potentially greatest) Gearbox Software title, Borderlands 3, then you have two graphics options to choose from, the Borderlands 3 Performance Mode and Resolution Mode. I’ve been playing the game on Performance Mode and there’s definitely a problem, as the framerate drops noticeably during fights, causing stutter. Now, a performance analysis from Digital Foundry has revealed that the Borderlands 3 Performance Mode is indeed a bit of a mess.

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In the analysis which you can view for yourself at the bottom of this article, Digital Foundry even recommends Resolution Mode since the Performance Mode lacks consistency. The Performance Mode locks the game’s resolution at 1080p so you can get up to 60 FPS, but that magic number only really appears during less intense situations.

Basically what this all means is that the framerate drops to the low 50s and even high 40’s in some fights and more importantly, the frame-time pacing seems to be a bit of a mess as well, causing stutters. Things are even a bit worse on the PS4 Pro compared to the Xbox One X and even in Resolution Mode, Borderlands 3 drops to the low 20 FPS mark on PS4 Pro, while the Xbox One X mostly holds on to that 30 FPS target in Resolution Mode.

Hopefully, Gearbox Software will be able to improve the Borderlands 3 Performance Mode because, at the moment, it seems like the only way to really get a solid FPS number all the way through is with the Xbox One X in Resolution Mode.

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Check out the Borderlands 3 tech analysis video by Digital Foundry below and then tell us what mode you are playing the game in if you own a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X in the comment section.

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