It is no secret that Borderlands 3 by Gearbox Software on PC isn’t perfect, with a tonne of bugs and known issues at launch. The worst one, without a doubt, has to the Borderlands 3 save game issue, where users have reported losing several hours of progress thanks to corrupted saves. That’s especially for those who trusted in the cloud and didn’t disable cloud saves on the Epic Games Store. Now, Epic has released a hotfix to alleviate cloud save issues on the store.

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With the hotfix, the Borderlands 3 save game issue should be fixed, with “should” being the important word here. For now, you should still look at this help page if you run into any issues with your save game progress, or just want to try and avoid it. With that in mind, a 2K Games representative told IGN the following, speaking about the Borderlands 3 save game issue on PC:

We understand just how frustrating this situation is for those who have been affected, so we’re working with our partners at Epic to monitor the situation and ensure the issue gets fully resolved. We’re listening closely to our community and players, and will continue to do all we can to ensure the best experience possible for everyone.

One thing about the 2K Games representative’s statement that jumps out is that they are still working to monitor the situation and ensure that the bug “gets fully resolved” which could mean that PC gamers can still run into Borderlands 3 save game issues and that it isn’t 100% safe yet.

Despite all these issues, Borderlands 3 is still doing extremely well on PC with regards to player numbers as revealed by Gearbox Software. Hopefully, this Borderlands 3 save game issue has been fixed for good because losing a lot of progress (and thereby loot) is definitely not something anyone wants to experience.

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Have you run into issues while playing the game from the Epic Games Store? Let us know in the comment section below.

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