Borderlands 3 – This is How Much Storage Space You Will Need on PS4 and Xbox One
Borderlands 3 launch times preload gearbox
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Borderlands 3 is releasing in just under one month’s time and it is looking to be the looter-shooter of the decade. If you are worried about storage space then you will be happy to know the game does not require that much space on consoles.

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According to the Xbox One Store, the game requires 39.98 GB of storage space on the console. This is the whole game as it stands as Gearbox Software has not revealed whether or not the game will feature a 4K texture pack like Borderlands 2.

As for the PS4 version, Sony has yet to list the storage requirement on the PlayStation Store but if the Xbox One version is anything to go by, it will be the same.

39 GB is the expected ballpark size for the game considering Borderlands 2: The Handsome Collection currently sits at 49 GB on consoles.

According to Gearbox Software, Borderlands 3 will take around 30 hours to complete if you just do the main questline. Of course, you can expect the game to have dozens of side quests and hidden objectives to complete.

Not to mention the end-game which will see you take on raid bosses and the more challenging difficulties. Gearbox is also rumoured to be announcing the game’s post-launch DLC plan at Gamescom at the end of August which will feature a new story and possibly a new playable character.

Borderlands 3 will also not feature a pre-load option for PC players at all due to the Epic Store listing but if you are playing on console, then you will be able to load the 39 GB download a few days before release.

Borderlands 3 is scheduled for launch on 13 September 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and the Epic Game Store.

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