Borderlands Creator Randy Pitchford “Happy” About Borderlands 3’s Steam Review Bombing
Jack Black Claptrap Borderlands Movie
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Borderlands 3 is having a rough time in the eyes of PC gamers around the world. Gearbox Software decided to release the upcoming looter-shooter on the Epic Games Store with a 6-month exclusivity deal meaning it would not land on Steam until April 2020. This then led to Borderlands 3 review bombing on Steam by angry fans.

Steam then introduced the new “off-topic” system that filters out any reviews that appear with a sudden increase in activity making all those angry reviews irrelevant. This whole situation has been an eye-opener for Borderlands creator and Gearbox founder, Randy Pitchford and it has made him realize how broken Steam is.

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In a tweet, Randy voiced his opinion, expressing concern for the future of Gearbox Publishing’s current relationship with the digital marketplace. Randy sounds like he is happy about the drama surrounding Steam and the review bombing as it has allowed him to reflect on the decision to not release Borderlands 3 on Steam at launch.

Randy also states that he might reconsider the current “posture on the platform” which may mean that Gearbox Publishing might pull Borderlands 3 from Steam altogether and keep it an Epic Games Store exclusive release. Although, this is yet to be seen.

If Gearbox decides to drop Steam due to its toxic community and drama surrounding the review bombing, it would be a tough sell for gamers who will refuse to purchase games off the Epic Games Store. This would mean that if you want Borderlands 3, you will need to swallow your pride and forget about Steam. Although, it might be a decision Gearbox will regret if they indeed decide to jump ship.

If you could only play Borderlands 3 on the Epic Games Store would you still purchase it? Let us know in the comments below.






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