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Borderlands Movie Called ‘Terrible’ and ‘Unfunny’ in Early Reactions

The live-action Borderlands movie from director Eli Roth is officially out next month with a star-studded cast consisting of Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jack Black and more. While Hollywood has seen a more consistent success rate with live-action video game adaptations lately, early reactions for the Borderlands movie have called it ‘terrible’ and ‘unfunny’, which isn’t a good sign.

Industry insider Daniel Richtman (or otherwise known as DanielRPK) recently posted a compilation of early reactions from the live-action Borderlands movie on a Patreon post and they didn’t exactly have positive things to say about it. Many called it ‘terrible’ and ‘unfunny’ while criticising the awful jokes, messy plot and underdeveloped characters. The reactions to the reactions are rather unsurprising, with some saying that it’s pretty much exactly like the games.

On that note, it’s hard to tell what the reception will be from general audiences when Borderlands arrives next month. Some might see this as simply being faithful to the games instead of a completely negative criticism – after all, the games also have their fair share of crude and unruly jokes, chaotic stories and characters that serve the purpose of only spouting one-liners.

Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford previously expressed interest in turning Borderlands into a cinematic universe but if the first movie outing is met with harsh reactions, we wonder if that plan will still move forward. The first movies in many blossoming cinematic universes (Iron Man, Godzilla, Man of Steel) managed to be good enough to make a compelling argument for expansion, while others (The Mummy) were duds that made studios reconsider the notion of an ongoing connected universe. We’ll have to wait and see how it pans out.

The Borderlands movie arrives in cinemas on 9 August 2024.

Source: Daniel Richtman (via Small Screen)

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