Borderlands Movie Director Deadpool Reshoots

Borderlands Movie Reshoots Handed to Deadpool Director

Reshoots of the upcoming Borderlands live-action movie by Eli Roth has now shifted hands to director Tim Miller, best known for directing 2016’s Deadpool. This comes in light of the movie’s first test screenings which happened sometime late last year. While Roth is moving on to other projects, Miller is now taking the director’s seat for reshoots happening in the final two weeks of filming.

Deadline reports that original director Eli Roth has given directing duties to Tim Miller for the Borderlands movie, at least for the final two weeks of shooting as it undergoes some reshoots. A test screening was apparently held for select audiences last year, so it seems like these reshoots are the result of that feedback.

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It will be interesting to see what Miller does with the Borderlands movie, or more accurately, what changes might occur in the reshoots. Roth is best known for the horror genre such as the Hostel series and Cabin Fever, so him being handed the Borderlands live-action project doesn’t seem up his alley. That said, he also has a flare for violent, gut-punchy action that might suit the video game franchise rather well.

Miller’s style of directing is also quite similar, often opting to go for sudden bursts of violence elevated through great editing (seen in Deadpool). This blend of directors might make this Borderlands movie attempt one to look out for if all goes smoothly.

The Borderlands movie, based on the best-selling Gearbox Software franchise, was originally planned to launch in 2022. Plans have seemingly changed and the movie currently has no concrete release date. Some early footage was shown to audiences at CinemaCon last year during Lionsgate’s panel, but nothing has appeared online yet. We’ll surely see the movie in its full glory sometime this year.

A stellar cast also headlines the Borderlands movie, including Cate Blanchett as Lilith, Kevin Hart as Rolan, Ariana Greenblatt as Tiny Tina, Jamie Lee Curtis as Tannis and Jack Black as Claptrap. The screenplay of the movie was written by Craig Mazin, the showrunner for Chernobyl and HBO’s TV adaptation of The Last of Us.

Source: Deadline

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