Super Mario Bros Wonder

Bowser is Still in Love With Princess Peach Even if She’s an Elephant

Nintendo’s marketing for its weird and wonderful upcoming Super Mario Bros Wonder game is just as weird and wonderful as the game itself. The company started releasing a handful of short clips for Super Mario Bros Wonder which feature the newest power-up – an elephant.

Picking up the item in-game would turn your character into a larger-than-life animal that is as cute as it is heavy. Nintendo is riding the popularity of this new elephant power-up by using it across all of the marketing for the game. As a result, these short clips contain the struggles, and advantages of being this large.

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The first short clip shows Mario enjoying his run through a stage before turning into an elephant. He then leaps into a pipe and gets stuck due to his round stomach.

The second clip is definitely more charming. It shows Princess Peach being harassed by Bowser who obviously wants her love. He passes her a single flower as a gesture before she turns into an elephant. He then acts rather shocked before pulling out an entire bouquet of flowers. The clip proves that even as an elephant, Bowser still loves Peach – also that looks don’t matter and all that jazz.

Nintendo also released a new clip for Super Mario Bros Wonder this morning. The latest shows Mario creeping up on a couple of Goombas. Mario seemingly wants to pop the Goomba’s snore bubble (eww). He does so and everyone gets frightened. Mario leaps into the air but because he’s an elephant, lands and sends them flying off into the distance.

Super Mario Bros Wonder releases only on Nintendo Switch on 20 October. You can catch up on our full gameplay deep dive for the game here ahead of the launch.

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