YouTuber Brooke Houts Investigated After Video of Her Abusing Dog Goes Viral
Brooke Houts
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A video has gone viral of YouTuber Brooke Houts abusing her dog. The video was never meant to go live but it seems Brooke uploaded it without editing out the parts people should not have seen.

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Twitter user, @KEEMSTAR posted the video which now has close to 20 million views showing Brooke grabbing and hitting her dog that gets in the way while she was trying to film a clip.

The clip shows Brooke seemingly spitting and smacking her dog a couple of times.

Brooke Houts issued a statement in regards to the video going viral stating things in her outside life have been less than exceptional. She claims her dog, which weighs 75 pounds, was jumping up in her face with his mouth open. She believes as a “dog parent” it was her job to show him his behaviour was unacceptable.

Brooke does regret her actions saying she should have never acted that way towards him but her statement has not gone down well with the internet. Big named Twitter accounts have chimed in like Logan Paul saying the clip was “remarkable grotesque“.

Many users are comparing her actions to Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon’s who was under fire after tossing her cat across the room while streaming. Users are also concerned about the animal’s safety off-camera after seeing the clip saying she does not deserve to own a dog.

The Los Angeles Police Department has since launched an investigation after receiving multiple complaints aimed at their Animal Cruelty Task Force. YouTube, on the other hand, is not doing much after the platform is meant to prohibit videos that include or incite animal abuse.






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