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Buckle Up and Drive Dev Trolls Homophobes By Adding Pride Flag Toggle That Does The Opposite of What it Says

Buckle Up and Drive was released earlier this month on Steam. The game is an over-the-top skill racer where players drive across tracks while flipping their car around and performing tricks. It defies gravity and at times is simply outrageous. However, being a racing game, it includes billboards across the tracks that contain some mock adverts. Often, these billboards also show the LGBT+ flag.

Knowing that some people would get pissed off about this and want to remove them, developer Fabio Fontes added a toggle in the settings that let players turn them off. Hilariously, instead of turning them off, the setting actually turns every single billboard into the LGBT+ flag and removes all other mock adverts. So instead of players not seeing the flag, all they got was a splash of the rainbow on their screen throughout their race.

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Of course, this has sparked some drama over on the Steam review section. Users have criticised the game for having a toggle that does not work. Other users are slamming the game for having a politically-charged message.

One reviewer is touched about it and says “THE LAST THING I WANTED FROM THIS GAME WAS “POLITICALLY-CHARGED MESSAGING.” Another is upset about the flags being in Buckle up and Drive in the first place. They say “Come on man…Can’t we go a mile without having politically charged messaging in our arcade racers?”

Speaking to Gayming Magazine, Fontes says that he knew some users would be upset about the LGBT+ flag appearing in the game and wanted to have fun with it. Instead of turning off the flags, he purposely increased the appearance of it to annoy haters.

“The game features a couple pride flags (rainbow and trans) among the randomized billboards on the sides of the road. Predicting how some folk would react to their mere existence, I figured… screw it, might as well have some fun with it. Hence the toggle called ‘Pride flag billboard toggle’ in the game settings, which can switch between having the pride flags among all the other billboard designs… or turn ALL of the billboards into pride flags.”

Fontes expected the backlash from the toggle. He says that players who are touched by the setting should just cope.

“Some people foaming at the mouth slightly more than they would’ve already, just for having the flags in the first place (some not getting it and thinking the toggle just doesn’t do anything), and a collective belly laugh from everyone else. My thoughts on the ones upset by it… Cope.”

You can watch some Buckle Up and Drive gameplay below and check out the game here. If anything, the pride flags are the least over-the-top thing about this game.

Source: Gayming Magazine

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